That’s Sew Live


New to sewing? Well welcome to the sewing world!

That's Sew Live is here to help the beginner become more proficient in the sewing basics. And also take the advanced sewer to the next level. Want to learn to sew? We want to make it fun so that you will want to continue to sew for many years to come. Intermediate and advanced sewers, we hope to provide you with tips and tricks that will make your completion of sewing projects faster and easier. Our hope that you find us a helpful resource that you will return to again and again.

Sewing for Beginners

Today is an exciting time for someone new to sewing. Technology has infiltrated all levels of sewing and has made it more fun and exciting yet has also made it more confusing and complicated. I developed a love of sewing as a teenager and have never tired of it. And I must say I am fascinated and excited each time I come across new sewing machine accessories or learn a technique. So on this website we will discuss and explore the latest hot trends in sewing as well as the best sewing machines for beginners, intermediate and professional sewers. In the market for your first sewing machine? Or maybe you inherited a sewing was passed down to you? Or looking to move up to a more advanced model? Then look for our sewing machine reviews. We hope to take the guess work out of operating you machine.

Sewing Projects

Creativity is the name of the game here! Need ideas that excite you and get your creative mind flowing? Look no further! With sewing projects that will expand your sewing skills further. To give you a good and successful start we will suggest sewing patterns that are easy and fun for first time sewers.

Sewing ideas

Sewing is all about sharing. And there are countless sewing communities all throughout the internet. The sewing community is very generous in that sharing of ideas is more than encouraged, it's the common thread that permeates sewing both online and off-line. The willingness to share is simply phenomenal. So we here at That's Sew Live will share our favorite sewing websites and sewing blogs with you so that you may expand your knowledge of sewing further. Looking for tips and tricks? We got them and we will share techniques that will make your sewing creations more unique and professional looking.