Sewing Machines Accessories


Whether you sew as a hobby or a business, every seamstress has to have some sewing accessories in their arsenal. Here we'll explore what sewing machines accessories a must and what's just nice to have.

Sewing box
Sewing Baskets
It's essential to keep all your sewing accessories organized and in one place. This is where a sewing box comes in handy. Now your sewing box can be as simple as a shoebox to as elaborate as a multi-drawer sewing cabinet. Pretty much anything goes as long as you find the gadget you want quickly and it keeps you organized. Most seamstress opt for the sewing basket or sewing box. There are usually many compartments to hold pins, thread, bobbins, and needles...the sewing accessories list goes on.


Sewing machine tables and cabinets

Sewing CabinetHaving a surface to cut and sew on is another element of sewing. Most of us probably start sewing at our kitchen table. But if you are so fortunate to have additional space, a dedicated sewing table or cabinet is ideal. These days sewing machine tables and cabinets come in a multitude of styles and colors to blend in with your tastes and home decor. They can be something you have to assemble yourself or can be custom ordered. Prices can range for well under $100 to the thousands. Just depends on what you're looking for and how serious you take your sewing. The key here is to buy something slightly bigger than what you need at the moment, something you can grow into. For example, say you only 1-2 projects a year. Then a folding craft table will do the trick. You can cut and sew on the same table. But if you take on several projects a year or if quilting is your thing, then perhaps you will require a separate cutting table and a dedicated sewing machine table and cabinet.


Sewing Machine Attachments

Sewing Machine Attachments
You brought your sewing machine and some thread, and oh yeah, some extra needles in case you break the one in the machine. And you're done, right? Well not exactly. Most machines have sewing machine attachments that may or may not be necessary depending on how you sew and what your projects consists of. As you become a more advanced sewer, you will come to see the benefits of particular attachments and add them to sewing collection. What kind of attachments you may ask. Well, sewing machine feet, for one. Sewing machine feet are usually designed for one specific task. There are feet to assist in making buttonholes, inserting a invisible zipper into a garment, or decorative shirring through the use of a shirring foot.



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Extension Sewing Machine TableDepending on your project, you made need a sewing machine extension table. For big projects like a quilt or wedding dress, a larger sewing deck may make sewing and handling of the project a little easier and make the process go faster. Now if all your projects are of a smaller scale, then the sewing machine extension table is not necessary. But quilters will find this invaluable and a must for among their sewing accessories.

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Dress Forms

Of course in addition to accessories for your machine, there are a few more items to round out your sewing accessories. Probably things your didn't realize right off the bat. If you're into fashion sewing, it won't be long before you have to have a dress forms for sewing. After working so hard on a garment, it's heartbreaking to realize that the garment you put so much effort into doesn't fit right. Dress forms can be configured to your body type so that you get the proper fit. This accessory can truly save you some frustration and tears once it is set with the correct measurements. A advanced seamstress would find this one accessory as mandatory. Sewing patterns for dresses or home decor can be considered accessories as well. When you look at them from the standpoint of them being the foundation for you creativity. Yeah you can make exactly what the pattern has spelled out for you or....you can put your spin on the base pattern and take it to another creative level. Because that is ultimately what sewing at That's Sew Live is all about, right?